Brian, H, Texas

June 25, 2019

In April of 1974, I received my Seiko 6139-6005 Pogue chronograph from my parents as a birthday gift. I wore that watch daily through my college years and early into my career as a Marine Corps Aviator. In the late 80’s it was set aside a dally wearer in favor of a multi-function quartz watch. The Pogue sat in a drawer for decades until I found Pete at East Coast Watchmakers. I had contacted other watchmakers in the past about restoration only to be told it couldn’t be restored due age and lack of parts. I was pleasantly surprised that Pete could restore it to working order. Pete was able to source the needed parts, clean and service this heirloom time piece to look near new. I will now proudly put this vintage Seiko in the rotation of my other watches in my collection.

Pete, thanks again for bringing this watch back to life. Can’t tell you how meaningful your work is to me.

All the best,