Rod, Texas

June 25, 2019

I am the proud owner of a Seiko 6139 also known as a Pogue Seiko. Mine was not in working condition and in fact had been in a repair shop for 4 years before it was returned to me as un-repairable. I came across Pete at East Coast Watchmaker and reached out to him. He told me he worked on Pogue’s regularly and could take care of mine. I sent it to him and was impressed almost immediately. He let me know that he got the watch ok and provided regular email updates of the progress as well as pics along the way. He had to change out a couple of worn parts and installed a new Hardlex acrylic crystal as well as an N.O.S. face as mine was water damaged. Following calibration and testing he sent it back and I was blown away! It works and looks FANTASTIC!! The button stroke action is crisp and the hands re-set perfectly. The inner dial rotates as it should. Buttons and crown are nice and tight. No slack or loose stuff here. I’ve had 2 other Pogues that were restored elsewhere and the quality of the repairs DON’T COME CLOSE! Pete is HONEST! You can TRUST him! I’ll use him again and will recommend him to my fellow watch friends! Thanks again Pete!!